The SSI conference series was inaugurated in 1989 in order to bring together students and leaders in the field for 5 days of plenary and invited talks by preeminent scientists in the field, as well serve as a gathering point for students and emerging leaders. asa Here are a few souvenirs from the biannual SSI conferences over the years. If you have photos you would like added to the collection and share with the SSI community, please contact the Webmaster via the "Contact Us" site.

SSI-23: Boston, MA, USA
Organizer: B. Yildiz

SSI-22: PyeongChang, Korea
Organizer: J.-H. Lee

SSI-21: Padua, Italy
Organizer: V. Di Noto

SSI-20: Keystone, Colorado
Organizer: S. Kim

SSI-19: Kyoto, Japan
Organizer: S. Yamaguchi

SSI-18 2011 Warsaw, POLAND
Organizer: F. Krok




SSI-18, Warsaw

SSI-18, Warsaw participants

SSI-18, Warsaw participants

 Venue 1


 Scene2 1


SSI-18, Warsaw

SSI-18, Warsaw SSI-18, Warsaw

SSI-17: Toronto, Canada
Organizer: A. Cormack

SSI-16: Shanghai, China
Organizer: H. Luo

SSI-15: Baden-Baden, Germany
Organizers: E. Ivers-Tiffee and J. Maier

SSI-14: Monterey, CA
Organizer: T. Gur

SSI-13: Cairns, Australia
Organizer: S.P.S. Badwal

SSI-12: Thessaloniki, Greece
Organizer: C. Vayenas

SSI-11: Honolulu, HI
Organizer: B. Liebert

SSI-10: Singapore
Organizer: B.V.R. Chowdari

SSI-9: The Hague, The Netherlands
Organizer: J. Schoonman

SSI-8: Lake Louise, Canada
Organizer: P. Nicholson

SSI-7: Hakone, Japan
Organizer: S. Hoshino

SSI-6: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Organizer: W. Weppner

The following SSI conferences were held before the establishment of ISSI as a formal Society:

SSI-5: Lake Tahoe, CA
Organizer: R. Huggins

SSI-4: Grenoble, France
Organizer: M. Kleitz

SSI-3: Tokyo, Japan
Organizer: T. Takehashi

SSI-2: St. Andrews, Scotland
Organizer: C. Vincent

SSI-1: Rome, Italy
Organizer: B. Scrosati