ISSI Board of Directors nominations

ISSI members are invited to submit names of colleagues for positions on the International Society for Solid State Ionics Board. Per the ISSI By-laws, the Board is comprised of 5 Officers and 14 Councillors. Board elections are held during the SSI conference. Board positions becoming available in July, 2024, are as follows:


Vice-President, President-Elect (one position)

  • Acts for President on any occasion in which the President is unable to carry on normal duties
  • Assumes role of President at conclusion of term of President, or earlier if the position of President becomes vacant


  • Serves as Webmaster of the ISSI website:   (
  • Maintains minutes of Council/Officer meetings
  • Maintains records of Society
  • Conducts general correspondence, as directed by the President and the Board


  • Assist with general administration of Society
  • May participate in ad-hoc committees appointed by the President.